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About Us

Kinetoscope Production believes that every project needs to be presented by a unique idea. We help our clients to transform their ideas to reality. We also support our clients on where, how to make their identity image clearer.

Kinetoscope Production is an independent filmmaking and production company. We work in all stages of the filmmaking process from Pre-production, Production, Post-Production to Distribution for all kind of movies such as documentaries, short-films and feature films. Our goal is to unite filmmakers with other film production companies, financiers, and philanthropists to help create powerful motion pictures and bring them to as wide an audience as possible.

Our mission is to provide a direct link between our clients and their consumers, through intelligent and innovative use of visual elements.

Our vision is to revive the lost sense of creativity, morality, and ethics, in conveying messages through visual elements.

What is kinetoscope?

A device used to exhibit motion picture, through a peephole.

Relation between name and services we provide:

We strive, with the aid of our clients, to exhibit their ideas and portray them in a very clear, yet creative & systematic way for the viewers to comprehend and empathize with. Our goal consists of more than just conveying the idea. We aim to stimulate a feeling along with it, that is relatable to the target audience; therefore engaging the human character and helping the audience better click with the idea. Exactly like a kinetoscope!

Our Services

   4K & HD Production

   Televisions Commercials (TVC).

  Short & Feature film-production & co-production

   Video Editing

   Script Writing

   Colour Correction & Grading

   Visual Effects

   Motion Graphics


   Corporate Videos

   Audio Recording and Voiceovers

   Music Videos

   Sound Designs

   Music Production


Mawane Initiative Summer Architecture School (SAS)

Solo - 2018

Baudelaire & Almutanabbi - 2018

Spring of Melodies - 2018

Flute & Violin in Dialogue - 2017

Ruba’eat Althe’b - 2017

Ruba’eat Althe’b - 2017


Artzania TVC


Dr. Kameela





Personal Documentary


Mohammed Haddad (about stage fright)

Ala Ghawas (about stage fright)



Sixteen - 2018

SAMA - 2019

Blue - 2022

Ala Ghawas (about stage fright)

Music Videos Mohammed Almurbati (Qassim Haddad)

Birthday, Weddings Parties coverage

Short Films, others

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